To speak to Tyre Recycling Waikato, to obtain free used tyres, propose recycling ideas, or for tyre collection and pick-up in the greater Waikato area, contact TRW:

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Needing some tyres to cover your silage stack? Tyre Recycling Waikato will deliver car tyres for free to any farm in the Greater Waikato area! Contact us today to get a booking.

If you're looking for an alternative, then look no further.
Tyre Recycling Waikato now offer an environmentally friendly, cleaner & healthy solution to tyre stacking... introducing the Tyre Walls.

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More and more vehicles appear on NZ roads every year, which also means there are more tyres being used and disposed. And when you buy new tyres, where do the old tyres go? It’s something seldom considered by the average consumer, but a huge problem for our ecosystem, and for current and future generations. In Europe, more than 80 percent of old tyres are processed for reuse or recycling via the Responsible Recycler Scheme, and since 2006, EU rules have banned the disposal of tyres in landfill sites.


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Tyre Uses

Through recycling and reuse, there are many ways end-of-life tyres can become useful and effective. From grounding for children’s playgrounds, artificial turf and athletics fields, rubberised roads that help reduce road noise by 25 percent, to retaining walls for construction, racetrack safety barriers, grain silage and commercial and private uses. If you’ve got an idea for old tyres, or would like free tyres for your own art, design or sculpting project, contact Tyre Recycling Waikato.